The Label

Helicopta Records logoHelicopta Records was founded in September 2011 It was a chance meeting of two urban DJ/Producers Drox and Graffitto at Nice air port in January 2011 that ultimately led to the founding of Helicopta records some ten months later. On the way to Cannes for the Midem music conference it became apparent that a transfer by Helicopter was a quick, exciting and cost effective way to arrive in style if four people could be persuaded to share the cost. Four people were found and the trip was made. Drox and Graffitto met up again in Sant Antoni and, after a week of early nights and careful consideration, decided they wanted to have their own label not only as a platform for their own productions but also as a home for like minded artists, DJ’s,producers and managers. Returning to the U.K. in September Drox contacted Chris (The Sarge) Sergeant and Nigel Swanston, who had been the other two passengers on the historic Helicopter ride and it soon became clear that a lot of common ground was shared.