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images-2Eva Alordiah featured artist with Helicopta Records.
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“Music really helps me express myself in ways I couldn’t ever imagine possible. As soon as I step onto the stage to perform, I get lost in a completely new world that is magical and selfless.” A fan and avid listener of such impeccable lyrists as Eminem, Talib Kweli, Rakim, JayZ, Eva’s dynamic delivery and lyrical abilities shine through effortlessly. She has clearly mastered the art of Rap music and shows no signs of intimidation whatsoever. Born and raised in Nigeria, EVA ALORDIAH began her career in music borne out of a deepened love for the HipHop/Rap genre, one that would later go on to propel her into a fast paced ride in Entertainment. “I wanted to record a song so desperately at the time. I had just graduated from Secondary school and it seemed perhaps that I had a lot of time on my hands before University. Everything I have achieved today as a Rapper/Entertainer has exceeded expectations, and it’s all been a surprise, it’s much bigger than what I prepared for -that is if I prepared at all. All I wanted to do was Rap” With the successful release of her first recording, a mixtape single she collaborated on with Producer Tha Suspect early in 2009, Eva found for herself, a much needed will to stay on doing music. images-4Fans and Critics alike praised the song, which was recorded over Lil Wayne’s instrumental for the then top single “A Millie”. With a new found inspiration to excel, the fierce female rapper went on to create her own image and music, one that has become the subject of attention and discussion across varying groups of fans and industry stakeholders. The budding Rapper however had to finish University as she was then in her Finals, studying for a degree in Computer Science. She took this time off the spotlight to hone her lyrical abilities and music writing skills. With her free time for the better part of 2010, Eva continued to put out free music like most rappers did for her fans to enjoy, building for herself a larger fan base as she did so. ‘ThisDay’ newspapers went on to hail her as the Future of Music. In 2011, Eva announced the release of her first body of work “the GIGO EP”

“I wanted so much to have a music project out. When you are a rapper, the first thing you think of most of the time is having a Mixtape. It is what Rappers do, especially when you are Indie and not signed to a record Label. But I didn’t want just a mixtape. I wanted to invest in my own original music regardless of the fact that I was putting it out for free. I just wanted an Eva collection for the fans.” She says of the EP. “You say you’ve been around hitting it, I Done did it, Now you’re getting paid a millie a millie, I Done did it.” The lyrics from Eva’s official first single from the EP “I Done Did it” was set to resonate with all who heard it. Released in 2011, “I Done Did It” stayed at the No.1 position in music charts across Nigeria for weeks, as the fans and media could not get enough of it. Critics hailed it as the best rap song from a female rapper, DJs rated it as a must play. MEET EVA It seemed perhaps there was hope for Female rap in Nigeria after all. Eva was hailed the best Female Rapper in Nigeria by professionals, going on to receive Awards and nominations to further stamp proof of her stand. The GIGO EP was released in November 2011. Not keeping her effortless music skills to her records alone, she added more works to her portfolio, working on high rated collaborations across Africa. The fierce female rapper and entertainer has been featured with other acts including Psquare, Jesse Jagz, Waje, Femi Kuti, Str8buttah, Shank, Bez, Saucekid, D’prince, Iceprince and many more.

Her official debut on TV, the video for “HIGH”, a slow paced rap song from the GIGO EP was released in 2012. Directed by Award winning director, Mex, ‘High’ met with great reviews, enjoying constant airplay on the big screens. It was premiered exclusively on MTV Base in May 2012. Taking a daring bold step with this song, regardless of its tempo and obvious risk with competing fast paced songs, Eva proves she is all about the art.

“Oh I absolutely enjoyed working on this video. Mex is such a very understand person to work with and he has an interesting way of interpreting the pictures in my head. I think I did a good job you know? Having create, conceptualize and style yourself in your own video is a lot of work. But when my Manager, Mex and Myself hooked up to do this project, It really was a good mix of creative juices. I want that again..” Eva says if the video 2013 seems a big year for Eva already as her New single “Mercy” hit the charts less than 3days after its release. The single, produced by her longtime friend and Award winning producer of the year, Sossick, showcases Eva’s skills as a professional. Her infectious delivery and witty wordplay, presenting for a perfect blend that keeps the listener hooked till the songs rolls out. Currently working on her Debut album, the young vibrant rapper is well on her way to a huge successful career in music, with an ever increasing fanbase to back her up. The Music industry sure took notice of the talented rapper and energetic performer. Eva has had a several Record label offers at her without ever settling on one. preferring to remain  an independent artist.


Awards and Nominations

– Eva was featured in the BET Hiphop Awards Cypher 2011

– WINNER “Female Rap Artiste of the Year” ELOY AWARDS 2011

– WINNER “Female Rap Artiste of the Year” ELOY AWARDS 2011


– Nominee “Next Rated” HEADIES AWARDS 2012

– WINNER “Best Rap single, Female” YEM AWARDS 2012


– WINNER “Most Promising Act to Watch” NIGERIA ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS 2012

– Nominee “Artiste of the Year” DYNAMIX AWARDS 2012

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